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verb 1. to search widely for food or provisions.


Welcome to Forage! I'm Sarah and I'd like to help you shop. Each week I travel out from Carlton Landing to purchase high-quality groceries to bring back for the community. Whether you're a full-time resident like myself and my husband, Austin, or visiting for the first time, let me take the time, stress and planning out of grocery shopping and hauling items to the lake. I offer monthly memberships and individual orders so you can choose what works for you!

I love exploring food and how it excites all the senses, and I'm so happy to offer a service that brings more of it to our Carlton Landing community.


Submit a Grocery List Today!


Individual Orders

$20 Delivery Fee + 25% of the Grocery Bill

  • Personal grocery shopping and delivery on Thursdays.  Or any day of the week if received with 5 days notice.
  • Stocking of items in your kitchen and pantry.
  • Access to goods at stores like Sprouts, Whole Foods, Trader Joes and more.

You can grocery shop in to two ways: 1. Submit a grocery list below, head to the lake, relax, that's it! 

OR 2. Head to the grocery store, stand in the checkout line, realize an item you need is at a different grocery store, wait in another checkout line, pack all the groceries into coolers to head to the lake, pack all of the other lake necessities around all of the groceries and coolers, then you've made it to Carlton Landing! But wait, the groceries still need unloaded and unpacked. Skip the stress and let me help!

submit your order:

  1. Send your grocery list in the format that is easiest for you, here are a few options that have worked for others:
    • Text me your list at (512) 541-8547 
    • Fill in the 'Your Grocery List' below 
    • Download the app 'AnyList' onto your smart phone and share your list with Thanks to a referral from a friend, I use this app for my own grocery shopping and love it!
  2. Receive an emailed invoice following your delivery that includes your grocery bill,  $20 delivery fee, and 25% of the grocery bill. Pay by check or credit card via the invoice.

Expect yummy groceries that Thursday or on your specified date. Questions or comments? Email me at or submit a message here. 

 Your Grocery List

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