Forage+ Membership


$275 a month subscription offers all the perks of the Forage Membership:

  • Weekly grocery shopping at Sprouts and Whole Foods.
  • Delivery to your home in Carlton Landing.
  • Your own personal shopper who learns your likes, dislikes and preferences.


  • Grocery shopping at Reasors.
  • Stocking of grocery items in kitchen and pantry.
  • Featured bonus products each week for tasting and adventuring ($20 monthly value).

The Forage+ Membership is perfect for a busy family, because even busy families need food! Forage+ offers a wider grocery selection, allows the time to unpack and unload your groceries into your home and leaves you with a 'Forage Find' each month. The Forage Find is an exciting aspect for me. This could be an up-and-coming product, an item that has stood the test of time for me, or a bouquet of flowers that is just too beautiful to pass up. You might think of it as a weekly self-care surprise! Plus, with your own personal shopper, your Forage Finds will be tailored to your preferences over time just like all of your grocery shopping. 

2 Simple steps to start your subscription

  1. Complete 'The Details' form below. 
  2. Click on the PayPal button to start your monthly subscription. You can select 'make recurring payment' or receive monthly invoices. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

1 Easy Step to Order

  1. Each week you will receive an email to submit your Grocery List or complete the 'Grocery List' form below no later than the day before delivery (that's a Wednesday!).

Then expect yummy groceries every Thursday! You will receive scanned copies of your receipts for the groceries the next day and a bi-weekly invoice for your grocery bill. Questions or comments? Email me at or submit a message here. 

1. Your Details

This form will be kept on file, so you only need to fill it out again if your information changes!

2. Subscribe with PayPal

Subscriptions can be started or stopped at any time. 

3. Your Grocery list

Type in your list or upload your own list as a file at the bottom of the form. As a personal grocery shopper, I am happy to shop for a specific brand that you prefer or you can leave it to me choose. Whenever possible, I choose local items that are as minimally processed as available while keeping price and taste in mind. On shopping day, if I find that an item is unavailable or out of stock, I will attempt to connect with you to find an alternative, and will purchase the closest substitute available if we don't connect. 

Please note if you would like an item to be organic when available, if you want all organic items just add a quick note in the comments section. Thank you!